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Top $ business in Canada

While top $ businesses could be your own business creation, considering the current level of Canadian demand and the market, we highlight below businesses ventures having potential to success.

Starting a cleaning service in Canada

There are endless opportunities for success when starting a cleaning business. If you’re passionate about creating a clean space for home and business owners, and are committed to being your own boss, there are some important steps you need to take to get your business started.

Decide on your services

There are a variety of cleaning services you can offer depending on your clientele. You can choose to provide maid services, janitorial services, niche cleaning or carpet cleaning, for example. Deciding on which services you’ll provide will help you effectively target potential customers. For example, are you looking to reach homeowners or business owners? Answering this question will help you to create an effective marketing strategy.

Register your business

In Ontario, you can register your business as a general partnership or sole proprietorship. You’ll need a business name that you can brand to potential clients, among other requirements. It’s important to file a NUANS™ report or an Ontario Business Name Search to see businesses with similar names. Your registration will be valid for 5 years. Alternatively, you have the option to incorporate the business where you will have name protection for the business, personal liability protection and a continual registration.

Plan your operations

Operating your cleaning business has many components from pricing to suppliers and regulations. Some basic components to consider include:.

Pricing: Decide on the services you would like to provide to clients, and for what price. For example, you might include dusting, sweeping, and surface cleaning as part of your basic package, but you can offer clients extras such as drape cleaning and laundry for an additional cost.

Permits and regulations: Ensure your cleaning business complies with any applicable regulations. Handling chemical cleaning supplies might require you and your employees to be trained in Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. As well, ensure you have acquired any municipal, provincial or federal permits needed.

Location: Cleaning business owners often choose to operate their business from home due to the nature of cleaning services. If you choose to open an office location, ensure it serves as a functional space to store supplies, do repairs and operate your business, as clients will rarely come to your location.

Transportation: You or your team will need to go to your client’s home or office, for example, and many cleaning business owners brand their vehicles with the business’s logo. Ensure transportation for you and your employees is safe and functional while also promoting your business.

Suppliers: You’ll also need to find a supplier for your cleaning products, such as vacuums, brooms, transport carts, chemical cleaners and more.

Consulting businesses in Canada are thriving

Consulting Business Ideas In Canada: Experts and professionals from various different industry look for profitable consulting business ideas to do something different, enjoy more job flexibility and make more money. Consulting is not a new phenomenon. It has been around for years. The consulting trend is continuing to build as companies are staying as lean as possible in tough economic times.
Advertising Consulting: Do you have good experience in the field of advertising? If yes, an advertising consulting service is worth considering in Canada.
Image Consulting: Image consulting is all about advising people to look and feel better in order to appear in a confident way. If you are the one who understands a thing or two about beauty makeovers, image consulting is the business you can consider diving in.
Internet Marketing Consulting: Every small business nowadays looks forward to making a presence on the internet. This interest has created a demand for trained internet marketing professionals in Canada.
SEO Consulting : Every business wants to get a higher ranking on internet search engines. If you have the knowledge and the tricks of search engine optimization, it is worth considering in starting a business on SEO consulting.
Wedding Planning: Wedding planners are in high demand at present in the country. If you enjoy planning events and parties, a wedding planning business is the one that can fetch you good returns.

Pet Related Business

The pet industry is growing rapidly worldwide. People are buying more pets nowadays and spending a lot of money on them to give the ultimate comfort. The attitude and sentiment behind this are the majority of the population now considers their pet to be a member of the family. In this scenario, starting a pet-related business from home is just a wise decision

It has been estimated that nearly half of all Canadians own a pet and that there are over 70,000 licensed dogs in Toronto alone. That’s a lot of pets. And with many owners working full time and living in a condo, they worry about the welfare and health of their animals when left alone. That’s why there is a thriving pet industry which offers an extensive range of pet related services. For cats and dogs which would otherwise be cooped up in a condo all day, services on offer include daily walking and feeding the pets at the owner’s home. For people who have work or family commitments and have to leave town for a while, cat and dog boarding is on offer. Other pet orientated businesses include dog training, particularly useful for overly aggressive animals, veterinarian clinics for check-ups and medical care, the provision of organic food for healthy pets, and pet cremation, burial and memorial services.

So if you are planning to break in to the industry with your new pet service business, how best to go about it? Clearly you want to promote your business to as many pet owners as possible and to convince them that you provide the best professional and caring service possible so that their cats will be purring with pleasure and their dogs woofing contentedly. But with so many other companies offering related services, how can you make your products and services stand out from the crowd?

The simple solution is to ensure you have a strong, clear company brand which defines exactly what you offer. And whatever pet service or product you are offering, your brand needs to depict you as highly professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. Obviously this is a given for veterinarian clinics where customers need reassurance that their pets will have only the best medical treatment. But it applies equally to pet walkers, pet feeders and those who offer animal boarding services. Just because a pet walker isn’t expected to brandish a hypodermic needle or check the animal’s pulse, doesn’t mean that owners will risk giving their dog to an incompetent individual who lets their dog go AWOL. And owners may subconsciously equate a pet boarding service, which has shoddy marketing material with one that is bound to half starve their beloved animal and give it no care or attention. Pet owners are incredibly picky about whom they trust to look after their beloved animals because for many their pets are more like children than animals.